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Tue Sep 03, 2019 3:30 pm quote
The upper right leg shield on my 1963 Allstate as been bent back for sometime (see photos). I have asked various body shops in the area if they can fix it but they usually do not want the job. My question is how can I bend this upper portion of the right leg shield back to its original position? Should I use a rubber mallet or is there some other method I could use to bend this back? I am afraid if I hit it with the rubber mallet it could damage the aluminum trim around the leg shield. Any comments or suggestions would be most apprenticed.

Upper right leg shield bend.

Upper right leg shield bend.

Upper right leg shield bend.

Molto Verboso
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Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:34 am quote
Try getting a strong person with huge hands or two midgets to help you bend it back by hand only. Once it's back to relative straightness, then do some light tapping with a block of wood and a plastic or rubber mallet.
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Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:49 am quote
I know one thing for certain... if you don't know exactly where to bend it back, or where to hit ittwith a mallet, it won't go back into shape quickly or easily.

Find someone who knows where and how to approach this. You don't want it looking worse than this because you "tried to fix it"
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Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:21 am quote
You can bend this back by hand indeed. Did it on mine as well.

If not, bend the other side as well?
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Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:48 pm quote
I'm of the opinion that the best thing about scooters is that: "You can do anything and everything yourself."

If that wasn't the case I wouldn't be interested.

If you're also of this opinion then making mistakes by doing it yourself is O.K.. You'll get better over time.

Watch some videos, ask some advice, and give it your best shot.

Me, I'd clamp some wood (front and back) horizontal to that crease to work and much of it out as possible that way. From there I'd work down to smaller and smaller pieces of wood clamped front and back 'till it was as good as I could get without removing the proper arc of the metal.

But I'm no pro at bodywork for sure.

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Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:09 pm quote
On the right track. Shape and where you clamp the wood pieces is important and if you have decent paint you can pad the wood w/ some foam rubber or plastic.

For the first step in this case, you want to clamp just the outboard bent area at the top just past the reinforcing bracket that ends at the crease. 2 pieces of wood clamped snug then pull the clamp forward, slightly overbending because it will spring back a bit. The aluminum trim is kind of in the way but will go along for the ride if you can work around it. You should know when you've got the top straight enough, then pull the rest by hand. I'd avoid hammers, they leave dings.

make your wood pieces about like this staying right of the crease

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Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:24 am quote
The clamps and wood sounds excellent.
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