My 1963 Vespa VBB (150cc) is currently fitted with a Dellorto 20/20D carb, but Iíve noticed other carbs 20/15 & 20/17 advertised for VBBs. Can these also be used with my VBB and if so, what differences if any will I notice.

Iím a newbie in the scooter world, so apologies if this is a stupid question.

Also, Iím experiencing Ďboggingí at full throttle. I have since rebuilt my carb fitting new gaskets and jets and thoroughly cleaning everything including the air filter. This was done as I had rust in my fuel tank (tap and filter were replaced too). It ran fine before the rust issue. Iíve read the problem may actually be timing/points related... statistically, what is the most likely culprit - fuel/air or electrical.

Thanks in advance for any guidance