For sale, Title for 2006 GT200, $250.

Comes with a free trashed-but-was-rideable 2006 GT200 and spare engine, plastics, racks, windshield, some spare parts. It has infinite miles on it, was parked in poor shape 3 years ago. When I parked it, I would have ridden it to LA and back to Chicago, but now-- who knows. I lost the key and haven't sold it because I've been waiting on the key to turn up, but it hasn't, so here we are.

The spare engine-- complete engine, should run.

I'd like to sell this cheaply ($250) for a easy, fast, expedient sale. Would like it to go to someone who knows these, who can use the title and parts-- so I'm here rather than craigslist. If you are interested, we could do a skype or facetime survey of the bike and parts, I don't want to type to answer questions please, I'd like to keep the sale fast without a lot of uploading of photos and back and forth (again, avoiding craiglist BS).

I think the value is in the title, and engines.

TO run, it will need at minimum a key/ignition unit, tires, battery. Probably CVT belt and brakes too. It looks terrible and is truly trashed.