Flytech electronic ignition installation in vintage VBA
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Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:07 am quote
I am struggling somewhat with the installation of the Flytech.

As is evident in the first photo, TDC is marked at 1 o’clock on the case, but the markings on the ignition unit are at 7 o’clock and the position of the screw slots on the unit do not allow me to line up the markings on the unit and the TDC marking on the case - I assume they need to be?

Will I need to drill new screw slots in the unit to align the two markings?

Many thanks for your help



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Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:49 am quote
Is that mark at 1 o'clock really a tdc mark? Or just from the casting? I'm not a VBA expert but I doubt very much it's tdc.
Later cases have marks which you can align the marks on the stator to - have a look here for some info -

In this pic the mark on the case if aligned with the 'A' mark will result in a timing setting of about 23 degrees. Aligned with the 'IT' mark it'll be around 17 or so degrees. As you see they're a long way from tdc.

I would have thought you are roughly in the right spot, compared to other cases, perhaps it's more obvious on a VBA with a points stator but I'm not sure what you are meant to align it with.


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Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:57 pm quote
Hi Dave, I got mine sorted today. Took the plastic fan off the flywheel, marked TDC on the flywheel and casing. Measured 28deg BTDC on the casing. Used a drill to drive the flyweel and with the clutch removed and the plug out and used a timing light to find current pposition of the stator. Adjusted the stator several times to bring the timing to in my case 28 deg BTDC. I have a photo of the final position of my stator below. I did not need to modify the stator.

Flytech stator position.jpeg

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