PKinDC wrote:
rob g wrote:
Iím wondering why a GTS isnít in the conversation.
Rob - tell me more, please. I don't know much, if anything, about the GTS. Still learning.
Yay! I was wondering if you were listening.

Iíve got all of them. An S150, a GT200, a GTS250, and a GTS300. I HAD an ET2 with me all summer while I was upgrading it from a 50 to a 70 for a friend. It was a fun little bike but TREMENDOUSLY underpowered and even after it got a 40% increase in displacement and a few other performance parts it still felt like a tiny engine. The key thing though, is that the work was being done in the first place. The 50 just wasnít enough.

I wouldnít even have a 50 on the list of consideration. I do understand you donít have experience but like others have said youíll learn quickly. Size and weight are bigger concerns than power. Your hand controls how much power you decide to use but youíll need to feel good with the actual size of the bike.

The 150 was just adequate for me and it probably could be perfect for you. It all depends on what youíre wanting to do with it. Once I moved up to the bigger bikes there was no looking back and the S150 has just been parked for a couple years. Even my wife, a tiny Thai, rides the big ones and prefers them. She rode a Honda 125 back in Thailand and didnít blink when I put her on a GT/GTS sized bike here in Texas.

Seems the 150 models cost in the neighborhood of $5K and the GTS models are about $6.5K. If Iím spending that kind of money I want all the glory and who knows, you may decide you want to go faster one day. The ability to get on the freeway, even if you never use it, is nice to have.

Just take your time and ride them all. You may be surprised.