Well, it seems, however incongruously, that November is my Road Fever month: First, I mad the run to Philadelphia last weekend, and it was (mostly) a blast, superslabs and all. Later in the month, there's a small chance I might be pointing Melody toward Boston (yes, crazy, but I did say the chance was "small.") In the very-near-term, however, there's a 95% chance that Melody and I will land on Planet Brooklyn this Saturday, Mel's first foray over yon Verrazano.

The first part of the trip takes me into Bushwick for a photo shoot I promised Le Wife I'd do (she was going to do it, but is now in Costa Rica on an artist residency, lucky her), and I've decided to make it more of an occasion, particularly on the scooter front.

So: if any of y'all within reasonable hailing-distance might be about, kindly shoot me a PM (yep, I know it's crazy-short-notice…might repeat this again before the month's out), so I can fill you in on details. I might crash (figuratively, of course) with a friend if it turns out I'm having a particularly good time. I'll likely be hovering mostly around Park Slope, post-shoot.

Melody's coming to Brooklyn...

…because this man cannot live by Revel alone.