These fit on a 2013 GTS 300ie, for reference.

Item 1: a Tucano Urbano Termoscud model R154.
Used a handful of times over one winter. Includes everything it came with, including a messenger bag-type storage bag...minus 2 of the 4 clear tape paint protector strips. New is $140. Selling at $100 + shipping.

Item 2 (SOLD): Tucano Urbano Handgrip covers, aka handlebar muffs.
Used for a solid cold season with heavy bar-end weights. New is $65, selling at $40 + shipping. I trimmed the reusable zip-tie thingit to fit my bar-end weights, but you can get a full-length replacement at home improvement stores, such as Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Item 3 (SOLD): Tucano Urbano Smartphone Holder
This has never been used. New is $32, selling for $15 + shipping.
I'm listing this separately in case someone wants just the phone sleeve, but I'll throw it into the deal with the Termoscud, as that's how I got it.

You can skip shipping if you're willing/able to meet me within 100 miles of Winston-Salem. For quick reference, it's 100 miles (-ish) for me to ride to Charlotte, Raleigh, Morganton (30 miles west of Hickory), or Roanoke, VA.

Edit to add: pictures can be taken and sent upon request and interest. I didnít include because 1, the links have pictures and 2, the Termoscud is all nice and folded up in its bag from last winter. I figure the only need for me to take pictures is to demonstrate item condition, which Iím happy to do if desired by someone interested.

Speaking of condition: Termoscud = excellent.