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Sat Feb 01, 2020 7:13 am quote
Anyone possibly have the PPG formula for Biancospino # 715 ? Also known as Thorn White or Hawthorn White. My paint guy said he could try PPG on Monday but I just thought I'd ask... 1966 Blue Badge 125 small frame. Thanks.
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Sat Feb 01, 2020 7:36 am quote

Are you looking for the PPG paint code? My painter can put this in his computer and it gives him the formula.
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Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:08 am quote
Yes, I'd like the formula. Apparently the code 715 and the name are used but colors vary by manufacturer. In other words, 'PPG 715' turns up a BMW MC, some Range Rovers and Subaru ( as I recall) but the colors are greens and a burgundy. Your chart shows Alfa and Fiat numbers but no Piaggio. They may be the same, though. My guy tried everything he could and found the name and code 715 but not a formula. I'll see what he comes up with Monday when he calls PPG.

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Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:29 am quote
I've called PPG corp for Max Meyer Piaggio Paint codes in North America and they only translated a few of the colors and Biancospino is not one of them. See the list below.

If you're near a Glasurit Paint store, you can provide them the Piaggio code (Piaggio 715) and they can supply the paint or they can get it. I called my local Gasurit Auto Paint store to verify. They have most if not all of the Max Meyer Piaggio Paint.
You can always buy the paint from Scooterwest but very pricey.

Good luck!
rowdyc wrote:
List of some of the Max Meyer paints available at North America PPG automotive paint stores. The list contains the PPG name and code which are under their motorcycle/Piaggio category. Info provided by PPG North America Paint Library.
Also included is the PPG formula mix for other colors that were scanned by the late and great Green Tree Scooters. Also contains a Dupont automotive paint formula for the terrible Max Meyer Silver from the 70's.

Max Meyer Name: Verde Metallizzato
Max Meyer Code*Color: 6000M*Green Metallic (V98-V125-VIT-V15T)
PPG Code: 005
PPG Name: Verde EX 005

Max Meyer Name: Grigio azzurro metallizzato 15028
Max Meyer Code*Color: 1.298.8723*Metallic Blue/Grey(VBB & Cushman VBB)
PPG Code: 723
PPG Name: Griggio Azzurro

Max Meyer Name: Giallo texas 935
Max Meyer Code*Color: 1.298.2935*Yellow
PPG Code: 935
PPG Name: Giallo Texas

Max Meyer Name: Giallo arancio 916
Max Meyer Code*Color: 1.298.2916*Orange
PPG Code: 916
PPG Name: Giallo Arancio

Max Meyer Name: Verde Pastello 399
Max Meyer Code*Color: 1.298.6399*Light Green
PPG Code: 590
PPG Name: Verde

Max Meyer Name: Giallo Senape 985
Max Meyer Code*Color: ?1.298.2985?*Chrome Yellow
PPG Code: P4/8
PPG Name: Giallo Senape

Max Meyer Name: Sabbia 3002M
Max Meyer Code*Color: ????*Sand/Beige (P-Series)
PPG Code: P4/5
PPG Name: Sabbia

Max Meyer Name: ???
Max Meyer Code*Color: ???*Burgundy P Series???
PPG Code: P1/4
PPG Name: Rosso Viola

Max Meyer Name: Blu Marina 275
Max Meyer Code*Color: 1.298.7275*Blue (ET3)
PPG Code: P8/9
PPG Name: Blu Marina

Max Meyer Name: Rosso
Max Meyer Code*Color: ?1.298.5847?*Red P Series
PPG Code: 931
PPG Name: Rosso

Link to PPG formulas for Max Meyer Paint below:
Rosso*1.298.5847*Red(P Series)
Azzuro Cina*1.2987.402*Blue
Avorio*1.298.3909*Ivory (GL150)
Arancio 919*1298.4907*Orange
Giallo Arancio 916*1.298.2916*Orange
Grigio Biaccia*1.298.8714*White (GS 160)
Grigio Metallizzto*15005*Silver (GS150)

Dupont formula
Chario Di Luna Metallizzto*1.298.0103*Metallic Silver from 70ís
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Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:44 am quote
Thanks. Looking at and following Christopher's link, the Alfa color looks pretty good. I am not a purist by any means, but I thought I'd at least try to get the original color. Very pricey paint ain't where I am going...The only piece for this bike I had with decent paint was the taillight which had corrosion on the top and was too small to scan. It had also aged to a warmer tone than what showed with a light sanding so even if you had an original bike it would probably not be the same anyway. I tried all of the Transtar white chip samples and found no match.
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:43 am quote
Ecco qui

Codice Descrizione Cum.
E100 BIANCO 1.172,60
E230 GIALLO LIMONE 1.177,50
E261 OCRA 1.188,20
E903 NERO LAVA 1.205,80

B.C. Utilizzare Multigrey M1

Cum. = weight
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:13 am quote
Wow. Thanks for that but I am not sure my paint guy can do much with it. It is a MaxMeyer water-based two-part system and seems to be part of the PPG group. I am just going with a simple single stage acrylic urethane enamel.
I didn't know MaxMeyer was a viable business.
It is interesting to see that the color contains yellow, ocher, and black, so it should be a warm white, which is what I thought. I'll bring this formula along with me in any case.
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:08 am quote
Not sure if this is of any help but Iíll post it anyway.
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 7:34 am quote
Thanks, I found that as well. The last four digits ,1715, mean 1: group white, and the 715 is color code for Piaggio's biancospino which may or may not be the same as Fiat's and Alfa's biancospino. I'll see what my paint guy finds out from PPG tomorrow. The Hawthorn tree is a spiky thing with white flowers. I actually have one on my property.
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Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:19 pm quote
David Schnakenberg, of Scooter Mercato of course, kindly lent me a real Piaggio chip set with B.S. ( P 6/9) in it. The PPG guy scanned it and gave me the wrong paint in the wrong color. Never mind. David Hurtado of the Scooter Lounge led me to a Glasurit code but the place I went didn't mix single stage there, so the guy scanned the chip and nailed the color in a Nason ( Dupont) paint.
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