It was 52F overnight.....and raining steadily.

My excuse is -

1) the 1st gen. Kymco LIKE200i equipped with Michelins - is a great rain scooter.

2) My winter riding gear is also waterproof.

3) the weather forecast into the near future is lousy with cold, freezing overnights (I ride at before sunrise - always)

The tires performed perfectly. The LIKE was steadily rained on for 3.5 hours and never missed a beat. Instant EFI starts & ran like a sewing machine.

I had to go to back-up seating for my coffee (a bench under an awning by Tom's Market....
A fellow doesn't look terribly clever riding a scooter in the rain & dark - but it'd be even dumber to sit in the dark & rain drinking coffee.)


~I always come in from a rain ride and shout, "Louise, my crotch is wet!"
And my wife responds..."Who's Louise?"
But only my pup was home today......