[I just hooked up my garman GPS. On my 2010 vespa 300. This is the same unit I use in my truck. I went to the automotive shop, and bought a drill bit, capable of drilling a hole 11/8 in size. . Also purchased zip straps, wire connectors, wire, and a 12 volt nylon/brass power socket made by seadog. Product no 426115-1
First, take off the left cover by your knee. Drill your hole in the cover . Drill slowly so you get a good fit for your power socket. . Put socket in cover and tighten up. Next, make up two power wirers. One for positive, one for negative. About 8 inches for easy handing.
Two female connectors on each end of the wire that will hook onto the power socket, and a male connector on the other end of your power wires .I used a red wire, and a blue wire, then connect red wire to positive , blue wire to neg.
Look inside of your cowling, and you should see a connector with allot of wires going to it, but not hooked up to anything. I stripped back some of the black tape, an then cut the red wire, and the white wire. I put a female connector on each wire, then plugged the wirers from the power socket into the unused plug wires for power. I tucked the new power wirers back into the cowling, and put the cover back in place.
To mount my GPS, all I did was to put suction cup and bracket on left side of my windshield, cafully drill a small hole on each side or suctioncup, and then put a zipstrap through the holes, around suction cup and tighten. Plug into new power socket, and you shoud be good to go. I just wrapped excess gps cord around my windshield bracket.
Easy to take off and use in my truck if needed..[/b]