Text from my craigslist ad:
Very reluctantly selling my Vespa. With everything going on, my prediction is that people are going to avoid public transportation and start driving their cars more. More cars, more traffic. Well, this Vespa will allow you to lane split just as quickly as any other motorcycle, with more comfort. I'm personally going to avoid public transit myself, so I am going to go back to a motorcycle as I'll be riding into SF when I need to go there. The Vespa can do it (read below) but it's not ideal for daily use.

You want history? I bought this Vespa from the original owner, who bought it at Rockridge Two Wheels. She used it to commute from Concord to Oakland every day, and it was always dealer serviced. She moved away to Seattle, and I bought it from her with 12,000 miles in May of 2017. Current miles are just over 16k.

After I bought the Vespa, I used it mainly to go from home to several BART stations, and once in a while I would ride over the bridge all the way to work in SF. Yes, you really can. I have also ridden to Palo Alto, San Jose, etc once in a while.

I continued with dealer service at Rockridge until very recently, when there was a front end shake that RR could not diagnose. Rockridge told me that my front shock was "shot" so I replaced the whole suspension. The problem persisted. After some research, I took it to Vespa San Jose and they got it right (loose steering head). For the next service I didn't feel like riding to San Jose again, and I thought Rockridge was out of business (they moved to Berkeley) so I rode into the city and took it to SF Scooter Center. Barry at SFSC admired it and told me that "this is the last year of the real Vespas, they are all crap after that."

The Vespa has all the original upgrades from the 1st owner (Vespa crash bars, Vespa windscreen, and Givi top case) and I added a Stebel horn (it sounds like a truck), Vespa LED running lights and turn signals, and most recently as mentioned a full BiTubo suspension.

I'm asking a firm $4000. Yes, the miles are on the higher side, but this Vespa has been perfectly serviced (all service is up to date, tires are good), it has never been dropped or crashed, and has only the slightest of scratches and minor pitting on the front. The matte grey color is fantastic and unique, and it has all the right upgrades. Clear title, two keys plus the master key (I had a spare made).

Registration is due in August and is only $120 or so. Insurance is cheap too.

The usual - test rides only for licensed riders with cash in hand, social distancing, yadda yadda.

You are welcome to have it inspected by any local mechanic or shop (I will happily ride it to Rockridge, SFSC, or even Vespa San Jose if you are serious about buying it).