I briefly considered 110 tires on my mp3 when I was buying tires. I nixed the idea as i am pretty fussy about what i like in tires. I had just recently bought conti twists for my gts 300 and loved them. so I knew I would be happy with the 120 twists up front. I have 6500 miles on them, three rear tires later. The fronts are great. no complaints at all. they look they will last another 10k.

so twists not offered in the 110 size. I found a tire I know I like in that size. so I think I am going to give it a try. so why would I do this?

less rotational mass. more responsive acceleration.
faster more responsive steering.
more responsive brakes.

these are the things I notice when making the undersize switch on two wheelers. and there are two this time. will report back.