Barn find p125x what steps should I take?
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Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:43 am quote
Hey folks! So I was fortunate enough to be given a 1979 (I believe)p125x. There is no keys to any of the locks so that's question number one how to bypass ignition for testing? Next question would be how do I assess the Integrity of the engine? Trying to use the kickstarter the crank or piston seems to be frozen and I don't want to force it. Upon popping off the cover to the carburetor, everything looks good and not corroded or filled with junk. Same thing goes for the stator after pulling off the plastic plug on the flywheel cover it looked fine in there. Please any and all suggestions welcomed because I have no idea where to start!! Be well everyone


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Fri Jun 26, 2020 9:18 am quote
Looks like a complete rebuild is needed before trying to start the motor.

Remove motor and try to loosen the piston with some type of oil sitting overnight or a couple of days. Eventually you will need to split the motor to inspect what's needed. While motor is removed and waiting for penetrating oil to work, clean up frame to see it's true condition. Be prepared to replace most rubber parts on frame and in motor.

You may have a big job on your hands but it's free so you got that going for you.

Good luck!
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