I simply donít ride much anymore so time to move on. Original owner. Portofino green. 30,700 miles. Great condition, enthusiast owned, well maintained and runs like new. Chrome wheels have some pitting. Includes original real leather seat in like new condition with backrest, GTS vinyl seat/backrest, three different height windscreens (original GTV windscreen, Vespa Tall cut down slightly, and Faco medium), top case (some scratches and minor issues but still usable), bike cover, both the master key and slave key, manuals, special tools, and spare parts. Never dropped, tipped, wrecked, laid down or any stories! Clean title. $3,750 Firm. Let me know if you want any closeups or videos. Will not ship.
Oil changes every 3,000 miles
Valve clearances checked at 20,000 miles and were still in spec. No adjustments
Evapendectomy. I may still have it in the attic. If so, Iíll include.
Rollers and belt changed every 9,000 miles. OEM parts only
Removed the ugly side reflectors and installed small polished stainless hex head bolts.
New battery a few months ago
Tires as needed. Bumped up to larger size than original.
Polyurethane rear shock bushings.
New spark plug wire last year
Original muffler, but replaced graphite bushing as needed
Super cool stickers (Worth the asking price alone!)
Accessory power port in leg shield trim. I may have the original leg shield trim in the attic, will include if I find it.
Louder horn

Spares/Extras parts included:
Exhaust graphite bushing
Front brake pads

Original windscreen and leather seat


Tall windscreen, GTS seat, and topcase