Hi folks! I picked up a P80X a few weeks back, after checking in with the owner's regular service shop to get the repair/condition history and doing due diligence. I've been really happy with her and have been working on learning to properly maintain her on my own. I do have some limited mechanical knowledge but up until now I've only done maintenance on cars and vans - stuff like brake pads, oil changes, air filters and the like.

While I don't think I'm quite ready to try rebuilding a carburetor or anything, I would like to pick some folks' brains about good resources for information particular to the P80X. I've got the Haynes manual for the PX125/150/200 and while a lot of the mechanical info is similar, I don't think all of the part numbers are interchangeable. Does anyone have an idea of where I can find a manual or some service notes that aren't in German? Thanks!