Boom trike fun 500 need help)
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Boom trike fun 500
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Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:45 am quote
Good afternoon, guys. Sorry for mistakes) I'm from Russia, and we have very little information on MP3 500 here. I bought a tricycle last year and it has a Master 500 engine. The mileage is already 15,000 kilometers, and I understand that I need to replace the CVT belt, but it is very difficult to open the cover. It is clamped by the frame. And to remove it, you either need to disassemble half of the tricycle, or remove the engine. Tell me how to find out what kind of belt is there. I only know the engine number. M341M0036311. Thank you in advance!)


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Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:02 am quote
Errrr... While that thing may have a Piaggio Master engine that bike is not a MP3 in any sort of way.

At best, it is a Frankenstein. How you get to the belt drive and perform service on a custom bike is usually a exploration into the unknown.

Regarding the belt change on a Master engine, it is fully documented in the Piaggio workhop manual. FYI, Piaggio recommends belt replacement on the 500 every 10K km (NOT 15K km)

Be aware that there are 2 belt types. Get the exact replacement belt based on what is currently installed. The newer type is Piaggio p/n#649090.

This video should help give you some general guidance.

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Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:06 am quote
Dima, what the heck do you wanna find here? You own that trike, and guys here don't

According to your engine model, you have same as in Beverly 500. Should be 832738, but don't forget that your engine is modified, thus the belt can be different too.
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