Vespa GTS 125 starting problem
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Vespa Gts 125
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So I hit a bump one day and my throttle cut out but it engages again but then about 100 metres later the bike cut out, but the electrics were still working, I tried turning it on but it wasnít coming on, I then managed to get it on but when I throttled too hard the bike would cut out, I then took out the starter motor and it was fine and spinning as it should, I then checked the loom and found a disconnected wire which looks like the previous owner had put back together, I then soldered the wire connected it all up and it was fine. Checked the fuses as well, they were all okay (previous to all of this, the fuel pump wasnít priming). I then thought it was the battery so I charged it and then it tried to turn over but it didnít just started clicking, I then hit the starter motor and it started to turn over and then started the bike, so I replaced the battery just in case and it was still only starting by hitting the starter motor, it then cut out midway through riding it (I had been riding for about 40mins now) so does this sound like a starter motor problem, the bendix magneto or what because Iím just lost at the moment
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Re: Vespa GTS 125 starting problem
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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    Forum -> Modern Vespa Wiki
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