Can't remove wheel axel from swing arm
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Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:57 am quote
Want to upgrade to City Grip 2 on the rear of my 2018 GTS 300.
Can't pull the wheel off the axle because it's stuck to the swing arm.
First thing I went through was the upper right bolt extremely difficult to remove because the bolt is BENT. That's right there's a bend in the thing. Checked its treads that seem okay but why the bend. Did the bend ruin the inside housing tread? IS IT THE CAUSE for not being able to remove the wheel from axle? It's obvious that the installer has the PSI too high on the pneumatic. OR it wasn't calibrated. How about putting no seize on the axle at the factory!
Anyway after several attempts with pry bars and hammer taps to work in the BLASTER solution, I must stop for fear of breaking something.
Does anyone has a suggestion to separate the wheel off the axle? Robot has a $40 tool to do it but there's a disclaimer it doesn't always work.
Please offer your suggestions.
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Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:43 pm quote
You can screw the nut back on a turn or 2 and tap the nut/axle with a hammer to try and loosen the rust. Don't hit the axle directly as that can deform the end and the nut might not go back on.
$40 tool is probably best though.
GTS 300, Malaguti 150
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Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:55 am quote
We applied Blaster and heat with a gun to the axle shaft and surrounding area. Using a thermal scanner we started at:

room temp 77 degrees F tapped arm & shaft to help blaster penetrate. shaft still stuck
125 F strong taps on back of arm close to shaft and pulling on the arm with a crowbar. Nothing
150 F slight movement
175 F a little more movement
200 F no noticeable movement continuous Blaster application
225 F no noticeable movement continuous Blaster application
250 F slight movement
300 F we decided to stop and rest awhile and applied blaster and let it penetrate.
1/2 hour later tapping still failed to help so we went to 325 F
325 F and the hub slowly released exposing a slight amount of rust on the shaft

We'll use 000 steel wool and remove the rust and apply waterproof grease to the shaft; Is this okay?
Should the red bearing cover be pulled and the bearings repacked?

Out of the blue someone sent a LED head light bulb to me. WTF could it be from the company I returned the DC voltage lamp to? My Malaguti is AC voltage. Here's a picture. It has the correct base but is it AC? How do I test it without inserting it into the scooter socket and run the engine?


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