Had a whole Sunday to relax. Time to install the Polini Primaries I bought very early on.

Of course EVERYTHING has to come off The Muffler, wheel, brakes, belt cover vario and clutch. Somebody tell me if there's an easier way to install the muffler. Invented 4 new cusswords!

Stock ratio was observed at about 7.8:1. There's a Gear Tally somewhere that matches my count-the-spins observations pretty closely. Polini primaries yielded 6.75:1 almost precisely. I'll do the math if I can find that table.

So with taller gears, the 0-5MPH necessarily suffers. I expected worse - this this 187cc has some Grunt. Modified the Malossi Delta clutch with yellow springs, a hair thicker than the whites that came with it. I haven't checked engagement speed but it seems higher. Turns out installing clutch springs does NOT necessarily require sutures! Who Knew? Tried out my snap-ring pliers and they work like a charm

Next up is the variator. To keep the engine more On the Boil, I dropped another 12 grams from the total load. RPM runs straight to 7850 when I pin the throttle, up about 300 RPM from before and the thrust is satisfying. Faster than my 250cc Reflex, though partly because of a 130-lb. weight advantage.

Cover lifted off pretty easily. Just a little gasket cleaning after swapping the clutch shaft and larger Counter Gear. 12Ton Press worked too.

Gear cover reinstalled, torqued to 19 ft.-lbs. Brake adjust and yes, fill with Gear Oil.

The modified load of 12.5 was anticipated still to be too heavy with the taller gears.

In went a load of 10.5s. Malossi is pretty spot-on with their weight accuracy. Now the Tach goes to around 7800 with throttle pinned.

Found some pretty big snap-ring pliers with enough reach to spread the springs. Wheel-flesh remains intact! :)