The scooter has spent its entire life stored in a garage. There's only one flaw and that's a little gap between the panels in the front. See the picture. The scooter comes with lots of extras. It has two seats one is made by shad. Both seats take the backrest. Which is a complete game changer. It comes with the extended foot pegs. It comes with an extra belt, dr. Pulleys, fuzzy washer, oil filters, oil. It comes with two windshields. The one shown in the pictures and an extra tall when that comes up over your head. has the hundred eighty degrees mirror mounted on the windshield. It has the sticker for miles per hour. it comes with a Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system that connects to your phone. That still needs to be installed. It comes with an oem matching trunk. The scooter has 3600 miles on it. In my humble opinion the 400 was the best. Has the least amount of problems and plenty of acceleration.

Asking 3800