I bought this sporty and fast 150cc Liberty from Vespa Portland in early June, and it currently has 300 miles (driven softly for break in period) and is in pristine showroom condition. It's sitting in the garage waiting for it's new owner, as I had the opportunity to upgrade to a Vespa GTS. I bought it with the OEM windscreen added, and have since added an aftermarket Shad 39L top box in perfectly matched matte black. From the dealer, the total price after windscreen, dealer freight/setup, and privilege tax came to $3855 (see attached invoice), plus the $220 for the Shad box and adapter plate needed.

The current situation of the Liberty 150 is a low supply one. They are completely sold out with a long wait list (the nearest one in stock is 500 miles away in Elk Grove, California) and literally zero used ones on the market nationwide. I am asking $3,890 with the top case installed, or $3855 without. The warranty is fully transferable, and will be only 3 months shorter than it would be from brand new.

If I put this on a Vespa dealer's showroom floor among Liberty scoots with zero miles I don't think I could pick mine out of the lot. (well, if such a thing as a dealer full of the Liberty existed right now).

I will consider a few items for partial trade. 1) Women's armored motorcycle apparel, size ~medium shirt/jacket, small/long bottom, large gloves, 11 boots. 2) HIGH END vintage bicycles or parts (I own a vintage bike shop and am seeking inventory. Campy/TA/Dura Ace/XTR level or 3) mid/high end acoustic guitar (Martin, Takimine, etc)
Cash (or paypal F/F, Venmo) in hand and ready to purchase along with drivers licence for (short) test ride! I am in inner SE. Short delivery possible with prior payment.

Happy trails and stay healthy!


***Read below for manufacturer details***

The Piaggio Liberty S 150 is the big brother of the family; the most elegant, captivating and top performing member. It’s also the sporty brother to its twin and as with the other Liberty “S” models, it unabashedly comes in two strong, uncompromising colours: red (Rosso Opaco) and grey (Grigio Titanio Opaco) to create a striking effect with the black diamond-edge wheel rims and red-stitched seat. This is a scooter that demands to be looked at, with other elements in dramatic black such as the luggage rack, heat shield and mirrors.
As with the other Liberty models, it’s not all about looks, but functionality is important too. There is plenty of storage with a space under the rear shield and another, large enough to hold a full-face helmet, beneath the seat, a spacious foot board and handy bag hook. The instrument cluster combines analogue and digital technology. Last but not least, on the performance side, the Piaggio Liberty S 150 is powered by an air-cooled, electronic injected, three-valve single cylinder motor which uses i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) and complies with Euro 4 emission standards.
Nothing has been left to chance when it comes to safety: the wheels of the Piaggio Liberty S 150 are 16” and 14” respectively, the braking system is made up of a 240-mm disc and a rear drum and also includes an ABS anti-lock system refined by Piaggio together with Bosch, the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive components. Safety and reliability guaranteed.
The seat of the Piaggio Liberty S 150, with its eye catching and sporty red stitching, is noteworthy for its roominess, making it extra-comfortable if you’re travelling in two. Passengers will also enjoy being able to place their feet on the extractable foot pegs which fold neatly away into the sides of the scooter.
The electronic instrumentation of the Piaggio Liberty S 150 is made up of a classic analogue speedometer together with a more modern elegant blue LCD display which contains the fuel level, odometer and clock. It’s set off to perfection by a chrome frame which is the ideal complement to the vertical decorative ensign on the front shield and the chrome detailing on rear and front ends of the scooter.
There’s no shortage of space on board the Piaggio Liberty S 150: there’s room for a small piece of luggage on the footboard whilst in the rear shield you’ll find a lockable glove box and under the seat (accessed electronically via a button) there is a compartment large enough to easily hold a full-face helmet.

PRICE: $3,890 (see 2nd paragraph for breakdown)