GTS 250IE Super - Brembo Front Brake Upgrade
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I have a 2010 Vespa GTS250ie Super named 'Miracle'. I bought her in summer of 2018 I'm the 2nd (or 3rd?) owner. Miracle was kinda neglected when I got her (check engine light on, 10lb of air in tires, low oil, low coolent, etc). This is my second Vespa (my first was a 1969 50 Special I had back in high school)

As for my "Miracle" -- I have been accumulating performance parts for her since shortly after buying her and I finally have started to put all the performance parts on her.

Here I have decided to take some photos of the upgrade the Front Brakes .

Brembo Front Brake upgrade photos



    Brembo Caliper
    Zelioni mount
    Titanium disk bolts / caliper bolts
    Spiegler brake line and banjo bolts
    WHOOPs Disc
    Carbon fiber parts from PM Tuning
    13" MP3 wheel
    Michelin power pure 130/60-13
    Malossi racing break fluid
    Malossi front shock


Parts list: Brambo front and rear calipers, Malossi whoops disc, Speigler brake lines, Piaggio modified rear hub(for rear wheel), Malossi V4 head, Malossi racing Piston

2010 Vespa 250ie Super next to a 2000 YZR R6 (I can't believe the R6 is 20 years old already!!!)

Brembo Front and Rear calipers for Vespa GTS (with Zeloni Mounts)

The New 13" MP3 wheel vs Old 12" Vespa GTS wheel (Front). Which ones would you choose?

This is how it looks before the operation. Notice the zip tie on the sock absorber. I use the zip tie to remind me where the baseline hight was out of the box from factory.

Old Vespa GTS 250ie Super disc Vs. Malossi Whoops Disc. Which one do you like better? It was VERY difficult to get out the original disc bolts. The old bolts were all stuck and the Hex holes all striped. I had to cut (using a dremal into the heads of all the disc bolts ( like the PLUS (+) sign). Afterthat, I use a big flat head screw driver to force out each bolt. Took me all day and night.

The old master cylinders were all corroded. I went ahead and ordered a new set of vespa Piaggio master cylinders from (they are my favorite online store for all my scooter parts). I really wanted to get the BREMBO RCS 14 Master Cylinders--maybe next time! )

I use the blue Masking tape to protect the new brake lines from getting dirt or other crap in the new brake fixtures.

Here I use the blue painter's tape to protect the new brake cables from dirt when I snake it through the dirty front fender wheel area. You can see all the dirt on the blue tape (instead of the new brake line fixtures)

I measured the wheel bolts and decided I wanted a light solution so I order Titanium bolts and I am happy I did.

The Titanium bolts are so very light.

I used a motorcycle jack stand from Harbor Fright to life up the scooter.

Test Fit the Whoops disc -- The Titanium disc bolts are ultra light -- feels like you are hold a piece of paper.

the Zelioni Brembo Caliper ADDAPTOR is so beautiful I want to wear it around my neck like a pendent ( I like it a lot)

The angle of the brake lines are perfect. I turned the handle bar left and right (over and over) slowly looking over everything (from top to bottom) and the brake lines are cleared of any restrictions or bindings.

The speed cable has just enough clearance and no pressure is on the new Brembo Caliper.

Make sure the Bake lines has a natural flow and no bindings or sharp kinks. My new brake lines naturally flowed towards the clipars so I tightened the Banjo bolts to keep it like that.

All compete.

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Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:55 am quote
Very very beautiful 🛵🛵
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Dang, that looks good! Lots of quality and money into that set up!
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Very nice
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Looks great. Wanted to put brembos on my 2017 GTV300 but we couldn't get it to work with the ABS/ASR and this was with a Piaggio dealer that knows what he's doing. It's the only part of my scoot that isn't upgraded.
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