I purchase this Vespa to fix up and ride, unfortunately with a new born with special needs, I don't have time or the money to finish the project.

Here is all that has happened....

I bought it from a guy who purchased it, a midlife crisis, drove 3 miles on it and then placed it in storage. While it was in storage a stacked washer and dryer fell on top of it and dented the left side and bent the front fork. (These have been replaced/repaired). I paid two guys to paint it and bot did a horrible job. The second guy did take it down to metal before priming and painting it, so no layers and layers of paint; however, the second guy demanded more money than we agreed up and kept some plastic parts of it.

Below are pictures of the Vespa. I was told that you can sell everything for parts and make a killing ($5K+) or buy the plastic pieces (new or used) and have it painted and have a new Vespa for half the cost. I have the title in hand and it's clean.

I have all the electronics and front spring. I also have two windscreens for sale.

Things that are missing:
Plastic floor board
Side skirts (plastic)
(Headlight/ Odometer cover) (plastic)
Glove box area (plastic)

Everything else is there.

-Josh 512 461-5557