Hi, I have a 2001 Benelli Adiva 125 and a 2002 Vespa Piaggio Zip 125 (exceptionally low miles) that I now realise that I shall never personally get back on the road. 4 (yes four) years ago the Adiva developed what I thought was an HT problem but as I had just retired and started spending summers in Canada, I never got round to fixing. There is less than 6000 miles on the clock but the body is a bit rough and the seat is now torn. The Piaggio has only 4911 miles on it and was taken off the road when I got the Adiva in 2012. (Even I cannot believe it was that long ago!) It was kept, not just because it was a great lightweight nippy scooter but because I was thinking of carrying it on a proposed but never realised campervan. At its last MOT I put on a new rear tyre. Both scooters have been kept under covers, moved and kick-started regularly. Unfortunately, the Piaggio's starter motor appears jammed and the kick start pedal, whilst still turning the engine, is slipping. With both scooters now needing new batteries, they have not been started or driven for a few years. The Piaggio is in good condition apart from the steering lock being broken by thieves and a little damage to the front fairing. The exhaust tailpipe has also rusted away. I am now looking for someone who wants either one or both of them and can either trailer or van them away. Getting something for them would be nice. I have full paperwork and photos available upon request. Whilst I have tried to give as true a description as I can, I trust you will realise that there could be more things to attend to than I am aware of. I will be really sad to see them go.