I built this engine from the ground up. I road tested it to break it in and jet the carb. It has exactly 104 miles on it. Emphasis was on quality parts and reliable touring performance.
Piaggio factory cases from Malossi stock
Piaggio clutch cover
Malossi 210 sport top end (not the MHR racing, but the sport touring kit)
Mazzucchelli advanced crankshaft
Malossi VesPower variable ignition with 1.2kg flywheel
LML gear train
Malossi racing bearings
Malossi racing seals
SIP premium gaskets
Dellorto 24/24 carb
Italian Made COSAII clutch w/reinforced basket (super smooth shifting)

This is a plug and play engine. Wiring the Malossi ignition is very easy, as it produces high power 12v AC. I had it installed in a Stella with no problems whatsoever. I broke the engine in for 60 miles with a Sito+ exhaust and then with a Pinasco sport exhaust. It ran beautifully with both. It produces good torque throughout the power band, which is much wider than on the Malossi MHR 210 kit.

Cost and shipping to buy the parts for this engine were nearly $3k.
I will ship to you for $2300 OBO.

If you need an exhaust, I will include your choice of a Pinasco sport pipe or a Simonini Racing pipe for an extra $100.

I'm in Missouri if you'd prefer to pick up. If that is the case, I'll throw in the Simonini pipe.