1979 p125 w/ p200 engine swap. Just paid $180 in registration, good until Sep 2021. Selling because I want something more reliable to cruise around on. This was my first Vespa project so clearly rough around the edges given my limited experience. I'm happy to chat with prospective buyers over the phone to talk specifics. A great deal at $, eager to sell to start new project!, located in San Leandro.

-Harness replaced this year
-new throttle cables
-new shifter cables
-new seat cover
-BGM race fuel tap and new fuel line replaced this year
-comes with newer OEM bbq grill rack, passenger backrest
-Disc swap is using the stock 16mm fork, with SIP Grimeca 16mm "axle seating" and hub, SIP caliper, Piaggio disc, Spiegler modular line routed through front fender (hole drilled), MMW brake pump holder, Piaggio master cylinder. Entire swap was over $700 in parts.
-ignition key was "deleted" and replaced with an on/off switch
-cowlings painted with apple red Rustoleum... Vespa logos are 3d printed in black ABS
-starts up on 3rd kick

Needs attention:
-speedo is disconnected... the stock shock lower mount needs trimming or a custom speedo cable cover should be fabricated. This is a vintage speedo and modern front hub so not sure what the best approach is to getting it working
-Headlight went out on my last ride... not sure what happened
-back left brake signal lens fell off, but I have two amber replacement lenses to throw in but no hardware
-rear brake light signal disconnected
-neutral switch contacts broke off... I have a new "aftermarket style" unit from Scooterwest to include
-legshield trim is cheapo plastic door edge trim from Amazon that does not like staying in place
-aluminum floorboard trim has been removed.. currently has a little bit of skateboard tape in its place
-Funky through lower rev range and doesn't like my tuning inputs... it just started doing this a few weeks ago, might try a little carb cleaner or seafoam this weekend

Album (all pics taken in 2020):
Photo below taken last month!