Deepinnaharta to Yellarosa, Texas - and BACK!
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2010 S50 Modified "Punkin"; 2003 ET4 150 "ISO"
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Sat Oct 10, 2020 12:36 pm quote

"Honey, can you take this deposit to the bank and get a receipt?" Dang, tha's like 3 towns over and TX35 is a 75-MPH strip. Hmm, what about the coastal road? 55-60 MPH 2-lane, mostly, some of it very new and smooth. "Um, yes I can do it, dear!". But I'm taking the scooter.

Turns out this is butterfly migration season. The short Faco shield wasn't enough not to have a couple plaster my sunglasses, but otherwise Coastal breeze and temps were nice enough. Turns out ISO can cruise along at 65 (Indicated) for at least 10 miles without wringing out the throttle. It was High Noon when I made it to the bank. I followed a straight-pipe Sportster rider for a part of the trip. Both of us were grinning.

On the way back, a Milestone was reached. The reader will recall this 17 year-old scooter had a whopping 500-something miles when purchased in April. Someone had to have gone through the carb for it to run at all, but I've improved on nearly every aspect of its performance since. Very pleased with my "new" Vespa!

Whoa, 4 Digits?! Of course they're crooked. Oh well, the odometer isn't Swiss.

Molto Verboso
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Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:52 pm quote
The Lone Star State

We need more photos of that great State and your scooters.

I did not know the 150cc Vespa could cruise at 60 mph. You could
bet at my 205lbs it surely could not do so on any incline. I could
be wrong.

Bob Copeland
Frost Bite Falls Minnesota
"We got 9 inches of snow this week". Yes, I wish I was deep in the heart of Texas.
2010 S50 Modified "Punkin"; 2003 ET4 150 "ISO"
Joined: 18 Feb 2017
Posts: 536
Location: Deepinnaharta, Texas
Fri Oct 23, 2020 3:31 pm quote
Greetings, Bob:

I outweigh you by a little bit, and yes the Malossi-kitted and Polini-geared ET can indeed maintain 60 or a little better without inducing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Even with the upgear, take-off is at least decent thanks to the 187cc kit and a little attention to the Delta clutch springs and roller weights. Greasy125 nailed it again. I installed and was Delighted. Good little scooter.

I'll see about getting some South Texas Coastal pics in the next few days. Wrapped up in Onboarding for a new company right now and a little overwhelmed.
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