Hello. I have a 1970s vespa 50s with dr75 cylinder, shbc 19.19 carb with standard jets. The engine wont start at all. Sometimes it started then died, now it wont start at all..i cleaned the carb, changed the floater and needle.
Compression is ok (new rings and piston)
It has spark..color blue...but i dont know if it is a good powerful spark, or a weak one.
Fuel gets to the cylinder...because it always wets the spark plug (gas and black oil color) while trying to start.
Tried everything..choke on, choke off...mixture screw...idle screw...no results.

I can see inside the stator plate, the wires and stuff seem oily...the engine was totally restored one year ago and has been sitting in the garage till now.
Can the stator plate be the cause? Or does this sound like a carb issue?