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In doing a little homework for a friend's scoot, I realized I can get the Malossi 190cc kit for air cooled 125cc and 150cc piaggio leader engines (M3111393) for cheap. Local distributor seems to be clearing out. The price seems quite a bit cheaper than any other deal I can find online.

I'm having to pay for shipping for my friend, but it's a flat rate so if we get more than one kit that keeps costs down. I'm wondering if any of you guys with 125cc and 150cc air cooled, carbureted, Vespas, Aprilias, Piaggios, etc. want to increase your displacement from 25% to 50% for only a couple hundred bucks.

Update: to be clear, this is not for liquid cooled or fuel injected models, sorry.

Let me know where you're located and I'll give you a quote with shipping included to your address.

NOTE: From my understanding, you'll also want the following Piaggio parts:

829817 PACKING
832943 GASKET

My local Vespa dealer said these parts cost about $32.25, I recommend buying those parts from your local Vespa to cut down shipping costs and wait time.

You'll also want some hose clamps but you can get those for pennies at your local hardware store compared to dollars from the Vespa dealer.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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Already got some questions on this so I'll post it here so I don't have to repeat it.

Local pickup (Toronto) available? Yes, 100%. Less work for me.

Is it a genuine Malossi part? Yes, 100%, I've been in the motorcycle community, both offline and online for 10+ years, I'm not going to throw away my reputation over a couple cheap scooter kits, I just want to help others save a few bucks if anyone is interested in getting one of these with me as a winter project.

Why are they sold without gaskets? Incorrect assumption, maybe I should have been more clear... they are sold WITH some gaskets, just not with ALL of the gaskets. For example, they come with a cylinder gasket (which scooterwest recommends not using, ironically), but Malossi doesn't include exhaust gaskets, etc. You can re-use your old gaskets if you want to, but considering for $30-40 you can get all new gaskets, personally, that's our plan. Scooterwest sells an addition to the kit with all the extras that you can buy from them directly (here: https://www.scooterwest.com/consumables-kit-for-installing-malossi-190-kit-lx-lxv-s-et4.html), but given that I'm in Canada it's going to cost me a lot less to get all those parts from my local dealer.

What is the part number? Malossi part number M3111393 (Scooterwest sells this for $359)

Is this going to be easy to install? Depends on your technical proficiency and the tools you have. Scooter West did an excellent 1.5 hr video showing you step by step how to install these, other members on this forum have installed them and there have been discussions about it in the past, just search M3111393 on MV.