This is about as rare as it gets. Clean California title and runs. I want to get this in the hands of someone that appreciates this and gets it to the condition it deserves to be.

It has been running since day 1. The Ape does need some body work. It has rust around the windshield. Also a circle of paint peeled off on drivers side door. The only work I have done on it is that I replaced the carburetor when I first bought it. This is the larger version of Ape with a 218cc engine. Also has the larger cab (multiple Sicilians squeeze in the cab... ) what I like about this Ape as well is that it has the upgraded aluminum truck bed. I also have a new seat that I purchased from SIP ready for install that comes with the deal.

Background: We lived in Sicily for 5 years and fell in love with Piaggio Apes out there. They are very popular and a regular sight on the roads stacked high with boxes of produce in the truck bed. I was able to purchase this through one of my Sicilian friends and I drove it around town for fun. When we moved back to the States, I was told it was impossible to bring the Ape. This started the challenge for me and after 2 years of negotiating/fighting with customs and then California DMV, Iím happy to prove that it is possible. Unfortunately after all that negotiating I dont have it in me to negotiate with my wife and kids, who dont want it taking up driveway space.

Being sold as is. Would prefer local pickup, but open to shipping. I can make a video of it running if requested.

I have it listed on ebay:

Includes all the following documentation:
California Title
Certificate of Origin from Piaggio
Official Technical Data Sheet for this Ape from Piaggio
Customs and Border Entry Summary