PADS won't read the ECU
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Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:37 am quote
GTS300 2010

I want to have my bike tuned on a dyno, but there's a problem with the ECU.

I brought the bike to the dealer and the PADS system, doesn't read the ECU. The Check Engine light goes on from time to time, but the bike has been running for over 8 years.

Should I bite the bullet and replace the ECU?
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Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:04 am quote
First check connectors and wiring. Take multimeter and follow wire by wire and pin by pin betreen ecu and diagnostic connector.
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Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:51 am quote
it's almost never the ECU....very reliable

something else going on. Dealer needs to figure out PADS, it should connect.

Then what error code is popping up? And then figure out why? Likely a Lambda sensor code if its intermittent.

Buying a new ECU and not knowing for sure is a waste of money.
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Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:39 am quote
I would check the charging system voltage and make sure battery is ok.

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Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:30 am quote
PADS is acting from time to time. First off, he must be certain he chooses the correct year model from the drop down menus and has the correct MIU version. Next step would be to check the wiring for connectivity issues. As already said most times would be something else...
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