I am the third owner. This scoot was purchased new for use on the back of an RV and was used like that about 1 season. The original owner moved cross country and sold it to his neighbor who put a couple of hundred miles on it over the next year or so. I purchased it in January with about 900 miles on it. I've now decided that I'm more comfortable on a maxi scooter than a Vespa so, it's for sale. As of today it has 1450 miles but is still being ridden so that is going to go up.

At this mileage there is no required maintenance so nothing has been done.

It has some scratches from being loaded on and off the back of the RV but nothing major. I bought some touch up paint for it but haven't used it yet. The touch up paint will come with the bike.

The touring addition comes with the front and rear racks, the Vespa top case and also the short wind screen. I think that is all but there might be something else. It is actually no different than any other GTS 300.

I wanted a taller screen so bought a GIVI shield. That and the original short screen both come with the bike. KBB says this model typical listing price is $5675 so that is the asking price.

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 4.18.38 PM.png