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Sun Apr 09, 2006 5:04 pm quote
Tourist Trophy for PS2 has scooters! And not a facsimile of a scooter like the Faggio (pronounced FAH-jee-oh) in the Grand Theft Auto series.

TT is produced by the makers of the Gran Turismo series and is modeled very much like the latest version, GT4. While it has no Vespas in it, there are a few Aprilias - haven't gotten that far in the game yet to know what models.

The first bike that's in your "Garage" is a Suzuki Skyway. Also available are scooters from Honda and Yamaha.

The GT series was a cakewalk for me driving cars, but motorcycles are a bit harder.
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Sun Apr 09, 2006 5:09 pm quote
I picked it up Wednesday on the way home from work, but didn't have an empty memory card until Friday evening. I completed my novice license last night.

Notes so far:

A Helix looks really silly leaned over about 70 degrees with sparks flying from the exhaust.

I look really good sliding down the road in my color coordinated leathers. I got plenty of opportunity to see myself sliding down the road, because I can't ride for crap. Knowing your way around the same tracks in GT4 only prepares you a little more than a complete newb. Riding dynamics with a thumb controller are nothing like driving a car with steering wheel and pedals!

Best time on the Nurburgring on a race prepped 190 HP Hayabusa is 9:47, compared to my 7:33 in a Porsche Cup racer. Two minutes is a lot of time to make up!

The 250cc Suzuki Skywave is really slow after the Hayabusa!

My thumb is sore.

Even having ridden motorcycles over the years, the learning curve is different that having driven cars before GT4. The amount and rapidity of the lean that is tolerated in TT is much more unrealistic than what you can get away with in GT4. Cutting a corner too tight in real life, all you do is back off, sit up, and straighten up a bit to get back on line. Thowing your body off the right side of the bike and leaning60 degrees *away* from the turn to recover would get me killed in real life.

It is still fun, though, and challenging. Much better than the Moto GP I have, where you can lay over about 45 degrees in a straight line...

The El Capitan course is GREAT! My favorite for just riding around with good flowing curvy roads. My 9 year old daughter was watching last night, and said "that looks like a fun road in the MG." See, I taught her well!

And, if I haven't shown this here yet, this is me last winter when GT4 came out.

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