My problems are the following:

A while back, while riding to work, my bike fell on a pothole and a steel-like scraping noise was heard from the front end of my bike. Since then, when I drive thru a pot hole or depression on the road I hear a thumping noise that comes from my bike’s steering column like if something came loose (steel ball bearings assembly???). I thought that it was the glove box because it comes out of place all the time but it this was not the case. I ride my bike on a daily basis because it’s my main mode of transportation to and from work. I wonder, am I in some type of danger by riding my bike with this noise? I don’t want to end up with just my bike’s handlebar on my hands.

The other issue is:

I dropped my bike a couple of weeks back and could not get it started again for nothing so, since she was up for the 8,000 miles tune up, I took it to the dealer. A week after that and $200.00 dollars later I took the bike home but, the bike has not been the same ever since. It runs hard, like “something” is holding her back (the wooosh is gone!) and it takes a while to start after I ride her. The young mechanic on site appears that he’s not too knowledgeable on the matter because he did not knew what involved an 8,000 miles by-the-book-check up and could not even come up with an answer. The mechanic said that they changed the belt and rollers.

I haven’t taking it to the local Vespa dealer since it seems that the local (and only!) Vespa dealer here in Puerto Rico is going thru some type of “re-organization” and has been closed for a couple of days.