p200 jetting and sad rally200 story
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Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:04 pm quote
i found out from the guys at bar italia that a performance bike sometimes will run sputtery at cruise speed because the small jet operates at one level and the big jet operates at another which would explain why at high revs and hills(sepulveda pass on the 405)the motor performs great and going to the hardware store the motor performs inconsistent. i am not a mechanic so for now i will leave well enough alone.
thanks ERIC for good ?'s.
i am so happy to have a scoot again after almost 20 years.as i mentioned in my response to LEN'S awsome rally,i wreaked my rally and hurt someone close to me in 1990.i had that bike since 1980 along with a p200 that i bought new in 1981.sold that one in 85.after the wreak i literally left that bike in the street where we went down while we we got rides to the emergency room.i did some sand blasting to the rear wheel and i guess i removed a small amount of metal to the inside where the wheel slips on to the motor.the slop in fit over the years and the nut movement sheared the cotter pin and the wheel came off while at speed.no helmets back then.this time around after i bought my barnyard beater i imediatley took it to aron(rooster)in the valley and had him go over the bike.so now when this crazy machine is pinned and passing harleys on pch i think of him.mechanics are a godsend.
here are some pics of my bikes.any ideas about the air vents nature has installed on the floor boards.




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Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:17 pm quote
I love watching projects as they progress, keep the photos coming!
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