Labor hours for a fork replacement
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Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:12 am quote
Help me answer a question from our son. He was wondering how much time it would take to replace a bent fork in a P Series. I sald, assuming only the fork needed replacement, a competent mechanic could do it in about 8 - 10 man hours.

That's predicated on starting with a new, bare fork and being able to use everything else from the original, as well as no complications.

Is my estimate correct?

He's a competent mech, but no Vespa experience and thinking about buying a P with what he was told has a bent fork. He plans on having a proper mech take a look before he does anything. I know that there are other concerns in this scenario, but I wanted to give him the "best case" scenario and let him work down from there to see if he wants this as a project.

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Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:32 am quote
fair asessment on the hourly.

i did a fender replacement on a stella once in 2hrs... but that was straight on the hustle and while the fork needed to be dropped; there was no rebuilding of the suspension.

oh, and the bike wasn't particularly nice so i wasn't concerned about damaging anything, either.

an R&R on the fork is a easy 3hr job, add in swapping components between the damaged and new pieces and you can figure an extra hour or so. then figure some time for reassembly (which is a right pain on a full hydro system) and add in some mins for bleeding down the system.

so, yeah, with test riding... 8 is easy...
basically a full day job...

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Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:56 am quote
well thats just great to hear considering it has taken me a month to do mine.(kidding,i am painting the bike)

but i'm glad that i decided to paint cause in takeing the fork out of the frame i found my top bearing,the thin one,was bad.

i had little metal balls all over the garage.

the point is these bearing sets take a fair amount of beating if there is even the smallest amount of slop or play.

replace em if you drop your fork.

can't hurt.
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