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Mon May 13, 2019 10:17 pm quote
coops wrote:
I've been playing with my Vespa a bit lately and I have an idea the coil is playing up. The scooter wont idle and the spark is really weak. My P150s has factory electronic ignition and the coil is a KGD unit with FL502AC stamped on it. I'm assuming these are different coils than the models with a points type ignition. Does anyone know if there is a coil available that will work on my scooter or do I need to source one of these. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers Coops
thats a aftermarket coil and its for excel as that engine have electric stater so the bracket is different, u need a px150 coil, doesnt have to be danmotor, bgm will be nice or other performance brand

this is how a original coil for a ignition coil on a px look like
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Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:20 pm quote
Just been on another holiday in Bali and went for a ride to Benkel Vespa in Dempasar to buy some parts. I got what I needed and a few days later I had some time to fill so took a ride to AJ,s Vespa shop in Kuta and the same guy that is at Benkel Vespa was there behind the counter. He told me that he had taken over this shop some time ago. I tried to call in a few days later and was hoping to find out if I could order parts through there and have them sent to Australia but it was closed and it was time to come home. He is a very cool guy and great to deal with if anyone is interested in Vespa parts from Bali. HE also has a lot of Danmotor parts that I can only assume are genuine. Cheers. Coops
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