coops wrote:
I've been playing with my Vespa a bit lately and I have an idea the coil is playing up. The scooter wont idle and the spark is really weak. My P150s has factory electronic ignition and the coil is a KGD unit with FL502AC stamped on it. I'm assuming these are different coils than the models with a points type ignition. Does anyone know if there is a coil available that will work on my scooter or do I need to source one of these. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers Coops
thats a aftermarket coil and its for excel as that engine have electric stater so the bracket is different, u need a px150 coil, doesnt have to be danmotor, bgm will be nice or other performance brand

this is how a original coil for a ignition coil on a px look like