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Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:20 pm quote

Here's a map link:,-122.411385&spn=0.181728,0.308647&z=12

It was too nice today here in Seattle to not leave it.

Recently getting my Vespa means something new for me. The ability to get out and go, on my own, without the general hassle of a two person household with only one car. My wife has always been the one who goes out and does things, most of the time leaving me to decide to either do what she's doing, or stay home.

I stay home a lot. The dog and I are great friends. He lets me nap on his couch.

We used to live in Seattle proper, in a neighborhood I could walk around and get into trouble in, without the car. In fact, the trouble was usually better without the car. Just last year we moved out on the edge. Now I can walk to 7-eleven, or a very nice coffee shop where the baristas think my dog is sweet. I'm just not into microwaved corn dogs or lattes.

In another thread I posted asking about Seattle travel routes, someone posted something about a burger joint down south. I like burgers. A lot. But I live way up north. Despite having lived here for more than 10 years, I don't know my way around very well. I simply never drive. I ride the bus, or get driven around by my wife like Miss Daisy. I knew I couldn't manage to get all the way through the city to find that place, but making a run for a burger sounded like a really good idea.

I searched Yelp in wider and wider circles on the map looking for indie burger joints. I love a Dick's Deluxe at 1am, and they may have saved my life once or twice, but for a proper lunch a chain burger just won't do.

Found The Grub Hut out in Kingston.
Good reviews, and the Edmonds ferry isn't that far away.

To be honest, the actual ride wasn't that big a deal. Not long, or anything special about it. Just a cruise through the suburbs. It was a nice sunny day without much traffic. I did get a bit lost in Edmonds and had to pull over to check the map on my phone. The map was wrong, I had to backtrack to hit the tollbooths for the ferry. While I was pulled off on a sidestreet, two little kids came running up behind me. I was watching them in my mirrors getting close enough to touch me. Just before I could say something, their Mom spotted them and told the to "Get away from there!" I was surprised that they listened, and ran away.

I got to the ferry dock just as they were starting to load, so I didn't have to wait at all. Once out on the water, I'm always amazed at how Seattle is so unlike any other city in the US. Water, shore, and snowcapped mountains in a 360 degree radius.

I went out on the deck for a few minutes to cool off and got a better look at the Olympics ahead.

Once at the Kingston terminal, The Grub Hut was just a few blocks up. Lots of pickup trucks. You don't have to get too far from Seattle to feel like a stranger in a strange land.

One of the doors had been smashed out. As I approached I noticed a sign and was afraid that they were closed. Fortunately the sign was a poem explaining that they were open.

Time to eat!
I have rules about burgers. They are my rules, and I don't expect anyone else to understand them. Beef, cheese, katsup, mustard, and bun are all that is required. Lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, and pickles are acceptable, but if they come on the side there's a good chance they won't get touched, except the pickles. I always eat my pickles. I'll eat your pickles too if you're not watching. Bacon if I'm feeling it that day. Maybe a fried egg if I'm really drunk or of it's before 10am. Chicken and Turkey burgers are not burgers. Slices of apple or bean sprouts do not belong on a burger. No BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, or maple-buttermilk-whipped-eggless-mayo. No pineapple and/or teriyaki.
And never mushrooms. If you put mushrooms on a burger, your license to own or even transport ground beef should be taken away from you.

Up on the specials board, there's one that has a long ingredient list, but it catches my eye. I normally wouldn't even think of ordering a special burger. Usually burgers with names are too much non burger stuff piled on a burger. They have stuff like stewed tomato jam or Gram's homemade spicy peach jelly on them. They break my rules.

This one is called the "Killing me softly" burger:
1/3 beef patty
Deep fried mac and cheese
Red onions
American Cheese

I have to think about it for a minute to figure out if it breaks the rules. Deep fried mac and cheese isn't mentioned in the rules, so a snap decision must be made. Deep fried makes it okay. Jalapenos might be a technical foul, but I do like them.

I order one with a side of potato salad. I was feeling like my mayo tank needed filling. Fries aren't a part of the burger rules. I went out to sit in the sun and await lunch.

Took all of 5 minutes for my order to show up while I sat and watched lots of pickup trucks (locals), motorcycles, and restored muscle cars (tourists) go by. Everyone with a convertible had the top down.

Damn good burger. I only ate half the potato salad, it was a little bit crispy, in that raw potato way.

Finished just in time to buy my ticket and get loaded back on board. Even though the motorcycle riders didn't appear to know each other, they chatted. None of them would even look at me. They were way too cool.

The ride back was just as uneventful, except I did get lost where all the rich people live. People looked at me funny while I was stopped looking at my phone trying to figure out where I'd missed my turn. Everyone who went by drove really slowly, and gave me the hairy eyeball. One old lady even rolled down her window after passing behind me on a dead end private rode and read my license plate number out loud to someone else in the car. She got at least two of the characters wrong.

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Molto Verboso
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:49 am quote
What a great post! Posts like these are the ones that cheer up my Monday morning grumpiness. Super pictures and a great story. Keep 'em coming!
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:57 am quote
What Stanny said...

I've visited Seattle/Bainbridge Island quite a few times from Houston and have always wished I had my scooter with me (when it's not raining!).

Now I feel like I've been on nice ride. Thanks for sharing!
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:12 am quote
What a great trip!! Love the poem on the door too.
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:33 pm quote

Great job on both the ride and the report. Looking forward to more.
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Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:20 pm quote
Never been to Seattle, but that burger is making want to purchase a plane ticket on it's own.
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Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:37 am quote
You gotta get out more...
Clearly, you know how to eat! There are lots of great places to grab a bite in the north end. Google the Pastrami Dip in Everett and then shoot me a note and I'll meet you there. Although Dick's is still near the top of my list...
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Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:59 pm quote
Nice pics & great writing. Now I need to take a ride to Kingston
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Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:00 pm quote
What a hoot ! This sure put a smile on my face.
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