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Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:03 pm quote
Hi guys,

I am going to get this variator for my s150 but was wondering what is the impact if I used this with a malossi torque driver or will this be obsolete with the FR4.

I ride with a pillion and heard that the Malossi TD is a must, any comments on this.

Also, any suggestions on complimentary equipment like torsion controllers etc. I was thinking the polini 2G clutch but not sure if it would have a negative affect?

Originally, I was going to go full malossi but this variator has got my attention.

Also anyone know about or use the pinasco spring with pressure bearing?

Appreciate your feedback
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Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:07 pm quote
i report my mantainance experience with cvt-fr4 into my Piaggio BV 400,
it's about 35000km i've mounted this variator,
recently i've changed the first sliders, they stay into the variator over 30000km and they have recently some little problems of material comsuption, infact only one slider have a problem and so in this situation the rear disk is not balanced in every sliders then i decided to replace the sliders, i want to specify the last rollers they have some problems of abnormal comsuption, probably due at the slider problem and so i replace the rollers too.
Generally i change the rollers every 10-12000km, the last rollers have had a duration of 7-8000km about.
For my experience i can say i have a positive experience with this variator,
nothing of exceptional but certanly positive impression, low consumption of all mechanical part of variator from the belt to the sliders, the only attention to do it's at the rollers comsuption, probably the only part more stressed, infact they slide in axial way and in low radial way (typical rototraslationof cvt-fr4) and so they have more comsuption and more stress
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Tue Jan 07, 2020 10:25 am quote
I know this is an old thread, but I am thankful for the content it contains as it helped me decide on what variator to use.

At my 10k km maintenance interval, the biggest challenge I was trying to address was a lot of vibration at low speed (stop/start). I considered moving to another bike because of it. I lane split in California, so I can encounter this low-speed issue on a daily basis.

The CVR fr4 corrected this problem and seems to have improved my acceleration.
I am hopeful about the improved maintenance interval it should provide over a roller based variator.

I purchased it as SIP Scooter and received it within a week.

I hope this helps others make a decision on their variator plan.

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