This area is specifically for Modern Vespa sponsors to post news of sales, promotions, group buys, and other commercial offers that might interest the Modern Vespa community. It is not for anyone, even our sponsors, to post repetitively and incessantly with the same message.

Only Modern Vespa sponsors may start new threads here, but any of you can reply to any existing thread in this area. Additionally, before you slam one of our sponsors in public, I ask that all Modern Vespa users attempt to make a good-faith effort to resolve the issue privately. The same expectation of good faith goes for the sponsors.

My goal is to sharpen the line between acceptable and unacceptable commercial postings. This new forum area, hopefully, will help us define that line in a small way.

Please note that I'm not going as far as some of the motorcycle forums in banning all commercial presence in this forum, as I feel that would be out of step with the scooter community. However, I would like to grant our sponsors a limited license to communicate with you in the hopes that (a) it will be of interest to the Modern Vespa community, and (b) that it does not become intrusive.

For any commercial entity that wants to become a sponsor, contact me via PM and I can arrange very reasonable terms. Note that at the moment, the top-of-page banners are sold out, but the thread-end banners are still available and at a lower cost.