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1965 vespa
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Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:53 pm quote
New York City gave my Lynbrook Police Dept. a new Veapa in 1965.
I rode that scooter for almost 3 years of course I had to pull traffic duty as well. Then I rode a three wheel Cushman untill I retired.
Most of all the men working back is 1962 to 1983 as long gone.
I write books if interested contact me
222 Hamilton Valley Road
Lockwood - New York - 14859
{ oo }

Other books;
1 - Traffic Officer Down - Code Blue
2 - Motor Soldier Down - Code Blue
3 - Major Sic-Fi - is - Code Blue
4 - Terrorist Activate - Code Blue
5 - Zap Tap Boom….            
6 - Blue Turban Terrorist  
7 - Area 52 Men in Blue
8 - Storm Change
I now have a 9-11 memorial Harley Davison 2003 Eletic glide.
The Hornet (GT200, aka Love Bug) and 'Dimples' - a GTS 300
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Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:09 am quote
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Vespa, Stella
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Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:50 am quote
Welcome to MV!

What kind of scooter do you have now?
1965 vespa
Joined: 09 Feb 2012
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Location: Lockwood New York
Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:15 pm quote
they call me Officer Lucky
In 1962 october I became a Traffic Cop in 1965 gave me a Vespa.
My experiences would take volumes,
instead I wrote several books.
I was 4 years old when World War 2 started.
Living next to New York City, afraid of bombs from Airships,
aircraft lighter than air, powered, and navigable from Germany.
Spies landing off the cost of Long Island
During the War no one had anything it all went to the
War effort, the times was harsh and ugly.
I began making paper airplanes.
At the Holy Name of Mary’ Catholic grade school in Valley Stream.
Patriotism was at the height level.
The nuns always walked in pairs to town.
They were baby watches pretending they were teachers.
The school was over crowed, two children to a desk.

One nun in particular singled out students with German names.
When she was alone she would tell us how her brother died in the war.
The Sisters/Nuns wore black vials habits with big white bibs,
and big Rosary Beads around their waists.
They would stand in front of the class finger the beads and pray.

The beads were made up of five or 15 decades of Hail Mary’s
each decade beginning with an Our Father and ending with a Gloria.
It was a common stylistic device in the Middle Ages to name collections of verse or similar short pieces after bunches of flowers.
This was the background against which a collection of Roman Catholic prayers came to be known as a rosary.

One day, I felt sick; the Nun dragged me out of the class,
afraid the others would become sick seeing me vomit.
To vomited in the hallway…
Having an instant nosebleed, sneezed, red dots on her bib.
She lost here composure, almost wrenched my left arm off my body. Another sister told her ‘let him go he did not do it on purpose,
to go and change.’
My Mother was told and had to buy her a new bib.

To this day, when it rains I feel aching pain in my left shoulder.
Transferring to Wheeler Avenue PS #13 was no better.
The principal maintained order at all costs.
Never learned a damn thing…
I hated schools so much I quit and joined the Army
my Motor Soldier Down book tell how we got motorcycles.
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Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:45 am quote
The Hornets LISC wrote:
Welcome to MV!

What kind of scooter do you have now?
Thanks, the problem child is an S 150.
Il Porco (GTS125ie)
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Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:48 am quote
Cool story bro...
1965 vespa
Joined: 09 Feb 2012
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Location: Lockwood New York
Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:27 pm quote
When I was 16 I bought a NAVY old Cushman pained red and became a volunteer fireman for all the fire calls. Nassau county police
just let me go if fact they could not catch me.
I drove a tow truck on the Southern State Parkway untill I volunteered for the Army, basic training radio school advance infantry.
As soon as the Army found out I was driving tow trucks and firetrucks
They sent me to Senca Army Air Field upstate New York
to teach all the escort guards from New York City and Phelidelpa how to drive - they knew how to barrow the car for a night with their girlfriends
but did not know how to drive it safely.
I sure would like a scooter but to be honest I am still paying off the Harley.
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