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GT/GTS: Glovebox Removal
GT / GTS Glovebox Removal

Step 1: Remove Horn Cover

Using a flat screwdriver and a soft cloth, insert the screwdriver into the slot on the side of the Piaggio badge and gently push the handle of the screwdriver toward the legshield. Do not twist the screwdriver.

Unscrew the Philips-head screw that's behind the Piaggio badge.

With the headset turned to one side, lift the horn cover up and then toward you to remove.

For a GTS, disconnect the running light.

Step 2: Remove Glovebox Screws

Start with the two screws under the front horncover.

Remove the left and right knee panels.

Remove the corner screws underneath the left and right knee panels.

Remove the large screw inside the glovebox.

Remove the screws along the bottom edge of the glovebox. Note that the 2 inner screws are shorter than the 2 outer ones.

Remove the coolant cap.

Step 3: Separate the glovebox from the scooter

Start pulling the glovebox away from the legshield at the edges, slowly at first.

Many things will catch on the glovebox, including the top of the coolant reservoir. Other obstacles will be the ignition cylinder and the lip that usually fits under the headset. Much wiggling and some gentle bending of plastic parts will be necessary.

Eventually, the glovebox will come free, although there will still be some cables connected to the back.

It's a good idea to put a soft cloth on the floorboard, because the bottom edge of the glovebox is sharp and will scratch the paint.

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