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GPS Mirror Stem Mount
This article describes a method of attaching a GPS to the mirror stem using RAM-Mount parts. This technique should work for most modern Vespa scooters.

RAM-Mount makes a wide variety of interchangeable parts suitable for mounting anything to nearly anything else. They also make GPS cradles for every major GPS unit on the market, all of which attach in some way to other RAM-Mount products. Modern Vespa officially endorses RAM-Mount products as the preferred way to mount a GPS.
Most (or all) of this idea actually came from the setup described on our own cfargo's web site, and I want to be sure that he gets credit for doing the basic research that pointed us to this particular solution.
All the parts come from GPS City, which has an extremely wide selection of mounts for every situation and every device. Everything shown here uses the 1" ball size, which is by far the most common size available.

This technique uses the Stainless Steel U-Bolt mount with 1" ball. This mount is normally made for a rail between 3/4" and 1" around. The mirrors are actually smaller than that (about 1/2") so an adapter is also required.

[click on image for product link]

[click on image for product link]


This is the first piece of the mount, attached to the mirror stem

A spring-loaded arm attaches to that, and has a nice big knob for clamping it between the ball mount and the ball end on the other side

Finally, a plastic cradle attaches to the arm to hold the GPS unit in place

This unit is obviously for the Garmin eTrex, but other cradles are available
This kit doesn't provide much in the way of security from theft while you're away from your scooter. You could just unclamp the arm with the big knob and throw the arm and cradle under the seat, leaving the ball mount on the mirror stem more or less permanently. You could also use a RAM-Mount knob that uses a key, although this does nothing to prevent the GPS unit from being removed from the cradle.
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