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Easy way to remove/install grips on your scooter
With thanks to Maroy

This is an old trick but I was surprised at Amerivespa by the number of people that had never heard of it. This trick can be used to remove or install grips, in my case I had to use it to move my grips back to the proper position after securing the bike with the old style canyon dancers.

You will need an air compressor, an air nozzle and ball inflator needle.

Install the ball needle on the air nozzle. If you need a longer reach you can go to a hobby shop and buy some small diameter brass tubing and braze it over the needle.

Insert the needles under the grip. The air hose is not attached in these photo so I could take the pictures without breaking the needle.

Like a ballon you will need seal the end where you are inserting the needle.
Just grab the entire assembly as shown. The trick is to seal it as close to the end as possible.

When you add air the grip will form a bubble starting at needle and it should slowly work its way to the other side. If the bubble does not form then too much air is escaping. Once the bubble gets to within an inch of the opposite end start twisting and pulling or pushing. If the bubble reaches the opposite end the whole bubble will collapse an you wont be able to move to grip. If you have an extra set of hands the second person can squeeze and work the opposite end. If not you can modulate the amount of air going in via the valve or the amount that leaks out on the end you are holding. The key is to keep the grip inflated.
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