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GT/GTS CRG Barend Mirror Installation
For those who like the look of barend mirrors, here is a how to install post.

You will find many types of barend mirrors, but this article is specific for CRG LS mirrors

Like the mirrors, there are options to select from. Jettin makes two that have a notch perfect for mounting the mirrors. I went with the 15 oz "barbell" ends since they are close (if not the same weight as the stock GTS ends)

Other Materials
1. A good epoxy for sealing your stock mirror holes
2. Fine grit sandpaper
3. Tape (painters preferred)
4. Four 5mm x 16mm cap screw socket bolts (if using the barbell ends)
5. Bondo
6. Krylon or any plastic rattle can paint

Mirror Installation
Simply unscrew your stock barend and replace with new end for mirrors NOTE: If you use the barbell ends, you will need longer screws than the ones provided by CRG. I got a total of four 5mm x 16mm cap screw socket bolts at Home Depot because they only carried black bolts and CRG bolts are silver. If you don't care if you have one screw silver and one screw black, then get 2. They're only $.48 for two, so splurge.
Once the new ends are on, install your mirrors. It's that easy!

Filling In Mirror Cover Holes
The process was courtesy of Nyle from Jettin
1. Tape the top of the cover
2. Fill the opening with epoxy from the bottom of the cover
3. After drying, remove the tape and sand smooth
4. Fill pinholes with bondo, dry, and sand smooth
5. Clean covers and repaint with rattle can paint
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