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GTS 300 JCosta Installation
At the start, the transmission cover in situ. You will need to remove the plastic trim panel under the cowl. This is held on by a 10mm nut accessible from underneath and a philips screw at the front. You will also need to remove the three screws holding the air filter housing in place. The two lower ones are easy, the top one has a nut on it which likes to escape. Having a magnet on the end of a flexible wand helps here. Now we're ready to get started... Remove the chrome cover:

Next a little bit of "brass rubbing" to make a clutch holding tool:

And the brass rubbing transferred to a bit of plywood which gets drilled and bolted to make the tool.

The finished tool in situ...

And now the 19mm clutch nut gets undone

Followed by the 8mm transmission cover bolts.

To leave the transmission exposed. You'll need to unscrew the oil dipstick and lift the air filter housing up out of the way to remove all the bolts and the cover.

Next the variator tool goes on. This is made in a very similar way to the clutch tool. Or you can buy one!

Loosen the variator nut with a breaker bar not the torque wrench.

And remove the two wahsers, the half pulley and the thin washer behind. These need to go back in the same order on reassembly!!!

Remove the clutch bell and the clutch along with the belt, maintaining the correct orientation of the belt. Twist the upper plate of the clutch anticlockwise with the bottom plate held firmly to the ground on something that doesn't slip, here a rubber mat....

This is so that the belt can be put as deeply into the clutch pulley as possible.

The JCosta and its bushing can all be slid onto the crank in one piece.

Replace the clutch and the belt as one unit and holding the belt out of the way.....

Replace the half pulley making very sure it seats completely, not forgetting that all important skinny washer over the splines! followed by the other two washers and the nut. Some say this nut should be replaced, I just use some blue loctite if the nut looks OK

The tool goes back on and the variator gets torqued up correctly 75-83 Nm

Next I turn the variator to make sure the belt seats in the correct position, anticlockwise, just to visualise that the belt is not rubbing. It should not stand proud of the clutch pulley!!!

The transmission cover goes back on

Followed by the washer on the outside of the clutch shaft and the clutch nut is torqued to 54-60 Nm

As they say refitting is the reverse of removal.

Good luck everyone!
Last Updated Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:08 pm
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