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GTS GTV Water pump weep hole
If you look under the water pump next to the oil filter you may see a 1/8" tube protruding from the pump (just above the exhaust and above the oil drain bolt). Occasionally you may see signs of a bit of liquid on or around this tube/vent hole.

The weep hole is there to...WEEP. Unless you are experiencing enough of a coolant release from there, that it is steaming up at every stoplight as it "drips" onto your hot exhaust...It may be somewhat normal and there may be some long-term build up from that.

If water/antifreeze is actually pissing out that weep hole,you may need a new pump cover with integral ceramic seal.

There is a 2 part ceramic seal which seals both the water pump and stator.

Below it is a vent in the middle of the seal to allow any leakage from the pressurized cooling system to vent thru the weep hole.

There is a simple Piaggio tool for installing this seal, like a drift which will allow you to seat the seal without damaging it, but I have had no luck finding the part number. You can fabricate this tool easily on a lathe from bar stock.

As a side note these seals ofttimes take up to 1500 miles to fully seat & seal.

A little weeping is not a problem if your coolant levels remain stable.

Some seepage is normal. The seal is a ceramic disk against a hardened steel seat with a spring load. The seal gets its lubrication from this seepage. Also if you run one of those seals without coolant it will burn the seat and leak

The seal is part 4 on the following diagram.

This article is a blatant rip-off from GTS Coolant Drip, any advice appreciated
Last Updated Fri Feb 13, 2009 9:59 am
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