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GTS250ie : Wire insulation color codes

BLK Ground
BRN Headlight low beam, Engine rev sensor (-)
RED Starter motor, Battery positive to fuses, Radiator fan,
Engine rev sensor (+), +12V to brake light switches
ORG Key positive to fuses
YEL Alternator AC out, ECU to cluster - engine speed
VLT Headlight high-beam
GRY Headlight & fan relays
WHT Key positive to cluster and alarm connector
PNK Left turn signal
BLK-GRN Injection loads
BLK-VLT Injection load relay enable
BRN-BLK ECU to cluster - engine fault indicator
RED-BLK Battery positive to key switch and fuses
RED-YEL Fuel injector enable
RED-GRN ECU to cluster - code indicator
RED-BLU Battery positive to cluster and alarm connector
RED-WHT Key positive to ECU, +12V to immobilizer antenna,
+12V to radiator fan and injection loads relay coils
ORG-BLK Battery positive to ECU
ORG-BLU Starter relay enable
ORG-WHT Immobilizer antenna serial data, starter relay coil power
YEL-BLK Key positive to cluster, +12V to running lights
YEL-RED +12V to horn switch, +12V to headlight relay coil
YEL-BLU Air temp sensor (+)
YEL-GRY Saddle unlatch power
YEL-PNK Horn power
GRN-BLK Engine kill switch
GRN-YEL Lambda probe heater enable, Water temp switch to cluster
BLU-BLK Turn signal power, alarm pushbutton return
BLU-YEL Cooling fan relay coil enable
VLT-WHT Diagnostic port serial data
GRY-BLK +12V to injection loads relay, fuel level sender (-)
GRY-RED +12V to headlight high/low beam switch
GRY-GRN Water temp sensor to ECU, engine kill switch to ECU
WHT-BLK Brake light power, starter switch power,
+12V to saddle unlatch switch
WHT-YEL Air temp sensor (-)
WHT-GRN Lambda probe sensor (-), Fuel level sender (+)
WHT-BLU Right turn signal
PNK-BLK CDI enable
PNK-WHT Low oil pressure switch
LBU-BLK Lambda probe sensor (+)
LBU-GRN Water temp sensor to ECU

BLK Black
BRN Brown
ORG Orange
YEL Yellow
GRN Green
BLU Blue
VLT Violet
GRY Gray
WHT White
PNK Pink
LBU Light blue
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