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MP3 400 torque values
Tightening Torques (in Nm)
Source: Piaggio service manual

Steering lower ring nut (central headstock): 2227 loosen by 90
Steering upper ring nut (central headstock) 2733
Handlebar fixing screw 5055
Fixing screws for handlebar control assembly U bolts: 710

Swinging arm set screw bushing: 57
Engine arm bolt frame arm: 32.540
Swinging arm set screw bushing nut: 5460
Engine-swinging arm bolt: 98118
Frame-swinging arm bolt: 5460
Centre stand bolt 3139

Front Suspension
Shock absorber lower clamp: 1926
Upper shock absorber clamp: 1929
Front wheel fixing screws: 1924
Steering arm bolt nut: 2025
Tilt caliper fixing screws: 2025
Front wheel shaft: 7488
Arm coupling screws: 4550
Screws fixing arms to side headstocks: 4550
Screws fixing arms to central headstock 4550
Screws fixing the half-arm coupling flange: 2025
Fixing screws for tilt locking disc section: 2025
Side headstock upper ring nut: 2024
Side headstock lower ring nut: 1215
Screw fixing sliding stem to shock absorber: 4550
Clamp for sliding stem locking device: 6.510.5
Fixing nuts for constant-velocity universal joints: 1820
Potentiometer to anti-tilting device clamp: 810
Electric motor to anti-tilting device clamp: 1113
Clamp fixing pump bolt to anti-tilting device: 1113
Pump to anti-tilting device clamp: 1113
Pressure switch to distribution frame: 1820
Sensor to tilt gripper clamp: 2.52.9
Pipe terminals to fifth wheel check spring: 711
Joint to anti-tilting device pump: 2025
Lower fitting for shock absorber sliding locking clamp pipes: 2025
Upper fitting for shock absorber sliding locking clamp pipes: 2025

Rear Suspension
Upper shock absorber clamp: 3341
Shock absorber lower clamp: 3341
Shock absorber-crankcase attachment bracket: 2025
Rear wheel axle: 104126
Muffler arm clamping screws: 2730

Front Brake
Caliper coupling screw: 2227
Oil bleed screw: 812
Disc tightening screw: 56 [1]
Brake fluid pump hose fitting: 1620
Brake fluid pipe-caliper fitting: 2025
Screw tightening caliper to the support: 2025
Caliper upper pipe fitting: 2025

Rear Brake
Oil bleed screw: 1216
Rear brake disc screws: () 56.5
Rear brake caliper-pipe fitting: 2025
Rigid / flexible pipe fitting: 1318
Rear brake pump-pipe fitting: 1620
Rear brake caliper fixing screws: 2025
pad fastening pin screws: 2025

[1] Apply Loctite 243 Medium strength threadlock

Muffler heat guard fixing screw: 45
Screw for fixing muffler to the support arm: 2025
Lambda probe clamp on exhaust manifold: 4050
Exhaust manifold-muffler joint clamp: 1213
Manifold-muffler diaphragm tightening clamp: 1618

Oil pump cover screws: 0.70.9
Screws fixing oil pump to the crankcase: 56

Thermal Unit and Timing System
Spark plug: 1214
Head fixing stud bolts [2]
Head fixing nuts: 1012
Exhaust / intake head fixing nuts: 1012
Head lubrication control jet: 57
coolant temperature sensor: 1012
Lambda probe on exhaust manifold: 1012
injector fixing screw: 34
Counterweight screw: 78.5
Tensioner sliding block fixing screw: 1014
Rpm timing sensor fixing screw: 34
Valve lifter mass stop bell fixing screws: 3035
Inlet manifold screws: 1113
Tappet cover fixing screws: 79
Throttle body fixing screws: 1113
Head fixing screws: 1012
Camshaft retaining bracket screws: 46
Tightener screw: 56
Tightener fastening screws: 1113

[2] Apply a preliminary torque of 7 Nm in a crossed sequence. Tighten by 90 in a crossed sequence. Tighten again by 90 in a crossed sequence.

Transmission Cover
Driven pulley nut: 92100
Drive pulley nut: 160175
Anti-vibration roller screw: 16.719.6
M8 retainers for transmission cover: 2326
M6 retainer: 1113
Anti-vibration roller retainer: 1719
Clutch ring nut: 6575
Air conveyor screws: 1112
Water pump cover screws: 34
Outside transmission cover screws: 79
Flywheel cover screws 1113

Flywheel Cover
Chain guide sliding block retain plate fastening screws: 34
Flywheel fixing nut: 115125
Stator retainers: 810
Blow-by recovery duct fixing screws: 34
Screw fixing freewheel to flywheel: 1315
Stator cable harness guide bracket screws: 34
Supporting screws with bulkhead: 0.30.4
Minimum oil pressure sensor: 1214
Water pump impeller: 45

Crankcase and Crankshaft
Countershaft fixing nut: 2529
Engine oil filter: 1216
Engine oil drainage plug: 2430
Engine-crankcase coupling screws: 1113
Oil pump screws: 56
Gear mounting on crankshaft screws: 1012
Bulkhead screws for oil pump housing cover: 810

Water pump rotor cover: 34
Thermostat cover screws: 34
Bleed screw: 3
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