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Parking and Parking Etiquette
This is a placeholder and outline for a rather broad article on parking, etiquette and legal considerations.
Parking at a Curb
Best practices for parking at curbs.
Parking Meters
Subsection on parking at metered spaces.

Motorcycle Bays
Don't waste space
  • If you're first in the bay then park on the very end
  • If you're not the first then park right next to an existing bike or at the other end of the bay
  • Leave just enough space to get back on the bike. Too big a gap means some joker will ram their bike into the gap you've left and you'll likely end up with scratches.
  • Use the centre stand rather than the side stand. If you can't then consider getting a smaller bike
  • Leave side panniers at home unless you really need them!
  • Park straight and not at some jaunty angle
If you must move a bike:
  • Be very very careful, don't twist mirrors & don't scratch paint - show respect
  • If you're always moving bikes consider getting up earlier!
  • Also consider contacting your local council for more bike parking
Little things
  • Park facing out into the road - the camber helps you park and the engine gets you away safely
  • Always lock your bike - don't encourage thieves
  • Always set off cautiously as one day you'll forget to remove that lock!
Watch out for each other
  • If someone's left their gloves (or keys) on a bike then put them somewhere out of sight and write them a quick note. This doesn't apply everywhere - I do this in London but on the Greek islands everyone leaves their keys on the bike.
  • If people are acting suspiciously around the bikes then call the police.
Parking Lots
Parking in parking lots.

Parking Garages
Parking in Garages

Other common parking scenarios

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